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Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery

Bernard Montgomery, the hero of El Alamein and North Africa, where he succeeded Auchinleck, was one of the most inspirational military commanders of World War Two. Montgomery was also the senior British military commander at D-Day and retained that position within the west European sphere of the war until the war ended.
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World War One Cemeteries

World War One cemeteries can be found across north-east France and Belgium. These cemeteries are a testament to the huge number of men who were killed in World War One. The sheer scale of deaths can be witnessed by the names engraved on the Menin Gate and the Wall to the Missing at Tyne Cot near Passchendaele, to the north-east of Ypres.
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The McKinley Tariff 1890 - History

National American Woman Suffrage Association& 39;s support for Bristow-Mondell amendment.The highest tariff in American history, to date, was passed. It called for a tariff of over 49.5 on most goods. The eastern industrialist interests, who were strong supporters of protectionism, were the prime movers behind the tariffs.
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